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Flag of Sudan

Flag of Sudan

  • Location: On the upper east coast of africa, lying just south of egypt next to the red sea
  • Neighbouring countries: egypt, libya, chad, uganda, centeral african republic, (south sudan technically – we see north and south as one country), ethiopia and eritrea
  • Area: 1,861,484 km
  • Climate: tropical. Rainy season begins in july
  • Status: Republic
  • Population: 31 million (2012)
  • Life expectancy: 55.4 years
  • Capital: Khartoum (population approximately 5 million)
  • Other main towns: omdurman, port sudan, kassala, el obeid
  • Main exports: petroleum products, livestock, foodstuffs and cotton
  • GDP: US$ 97.2 billion (2011), GDP (PPP) per capita US$ 3,000 (2011)
  • Official languages: arabic and english
  • Religion: 97% of sudanese are muslim. The balance of the population is christian or follows indigenous faiths.
  • Currency: Sudanese pound (SDG)
  • Exchange rate: £1 = SDG 7.13; $1 = SDG 4.440; €1 = SDG 5.72 (sept 2012)
  • National airline: sudanese airways
  • International country code: +249
  • Time Zone: UTC (GMT) +3
  • Electric voltage: 220V, round two-pin plugs
  • Weights and measurements: metric
  • Driving: left
  • Flag: three vertical stripes of red, white, black with a green equilateral triangle on the left hand side
  • National anthem: ‘Nahnu Jund Allah Jund Al Watan (we are the army of God and of our land
  • National sport: athletics, football, handball, basketball and volleyball
  • Public holidays: 1 january (independence day); 7 january (coptic christmas); 26 febuary (birth of the prophet); 30 june (revolution day); 25 december (christmas day). The dates of coptic easter, eid and islamic new year vary.
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