The following is the most complete and up-to-date list of Sudanese bloggers you’re ever going to find. Some are active, but others sadly no longer blog much. Either way, enjoy reading their musings on Sudan and everything else they’ve written about so far.

Also, if you know a Sudanese blog that’s not included in the list, please add it in the comments section below so I can become aware of it and include it here. (Last update on October 12th, 2011.)

Beace, my beebull.

Sudanese Bloggers (writing mostly in English)

  1. Adil Abdalla
  2. AK
  3. Ajaa Anyieth
  4. Amjad
  5. Aperadosoni
  6. Ayman ElKhidir
  7. Bin Mugahid
  8. Blackboard Redemption
  9. Black Dahlia
  10. Black Gay Arab
  11. Black Kush
  12. Brownie
  13. D3à Bin Kar
  14. Daana Lost In Translation
  15. Drastic Hypothesis
  16. El-Africanist
  17. Fluent-Sudani
  18. H. Tai
  19. Hashim Arbaji
  20. Hipster
  21. Ibrahim Mamoun
  22. Jah Guide
  23. Jamila Elgizuli
  24. John Akec
  25. Konyokonyo Clinic
  26. Mimz
  27. Mr. Man
  28. Mo Elzubeir
  29. Moez Ali
  30. MoKotkot
  31. Muhanned: Life in Sudan
  32. Nesrine Malik
  33. Noon Globally
  34. Nyx
  35. Path2Hope
  36. Precious
  37. Rara Avis’s Realm
  38. Reem Shawkat – Kizzie
  39. Sudan Ease
  40. Sudan Fairytale
  41. Sudan In My Dreams
  42. Sudanese Future
  43. Sudanese Nectar
  44. Sudanese Optimist
  45. Sudanese Returnee
  46. Sudani4eva
  47. Talal Nayer
  48. The Princess of Forests
  49. The Sudanese American
  50. Waad Ali
  51. Yousif Magdi
  52. Zoulcolmx
  53. Zoya
  54. Truthtoponder
  55. Theorphanageofthings
  56. Shamelessinsudan
  57. Dearneighbour
  58. Touristinthehomeland

Sudanese Bloggers (writing mostly in Arabic)

  1. Amna Mukhtar
  2. Ayman Haj
  3. Emad Aldeen Aldabagh
  4. Eman J
  5. Hammour Ziada
  6. Harith’s Space!
  7. Khalid Nour
  8. Salah286
  9. Maialkheir’s Blog
  10. Mohammed Eltilib
  11. Mohammed Hassan
  12. Omer Mahgoub
  13. Zulfo
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