Car Dealers

Arabian Korean Co.

  • Khartoum, Mohammed Nageeb Street, Al Sahafa

Asfwa Automobile Co.

  • Bahri, Shifa Street
  • T: 0185343878

Atlas for Cars (Daihatsu)

  • Khartoum, Corner 60 Street & Madani Street, Kilo 9
  • T: 0183240927

Autobash Motors

  • Khartoum, Madani Street, Kilo 8
  • T: 0183526535

Bavarian Auto (BMW, Brilliance)

  • Khartoum, Arkaweet, Mamoun Behiery Street
  • T: 0183527272

DAL Motors (Mercedes, Kia)

  • Khartoum, Madani Street, Al Mujahdeen
  • T: 0183216200

Glad Motors (Hyundai, BYD)

  • Khartoum, Soba, West of Madani Street, Kilo 8
  • T: 0912396840

Gia Golden Arrow (Toyota, Yamaha)

  • Khartoum, New Industrial Area, Off Al Gaba Street
  • T: 0183573323

(Info Curtesy of In the City)

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